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War: As of 9:00a.m, 2 civilians were killed & 5 were injured by Russia's intense bombardments in UKR

The Ukrainian authorities have revealed that a recent Russian military strike across a Ukrainian city has killed at least two civilians and injured many others in the region.

The incident reportedly happened as of 9:00 a.m. Reports revealed that two civilians are known to have been killed, and five more were injured in an attack on nine regions of Ukraine, according to the media centre in Ukraine following the ongoing battle between the Russian military and the Ukrainian armed forces.

More in-depth reports disclosed that 153 infrastructure facilities have been hit and mostly destroyed following air strikes and continues bombardments from the Russian military in various regions of Ukraine.

Russian forces reportedly used military-grade mortars, heavy battle tanks, artillery weapons, MLRS, anti-aircraft missile systems, drones, and tactical aviation to strike 126 Ukrainian settlements, the Defense Ministry media centre said on May 10, 2023.

Russia's intensified assault on Ukrainian cities and settlements continues amid the billion dollars military aid packages sent by the United States of America and other Western countries to beef up the defence capabilities of the Ukrainian armed forces against Russian attacks.

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