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Could The Recent Report On The Fight Against Insurgency By Media Houses Be One Sided?

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Over the years the Country has been facing terrorism and insurgency. The Government, collaborating with security agents, are you doing their very best, to make sure this problem becomes a thing of the past.

On the other hand, the media, never cease to keep the Nigerian people informed, of the situation, and the fight against terrorism.

But, is the media reporting complete stories? Are they telling us everything we should hear? Could the media's report on this issue be one-sided?

Recently, it was reported that Major Gen. Murkus Kangye; The Chief Of Civil-military Relations, disclosed that the breakthrough obtained by the Nigerian army, on the fight against insurgency, is under-reported.

According to Daily Trust, he stated this on Wednesday, September 1, during a seminar in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

He noted that most media outlets, prefer to sensationalize issues, rather than celebrate the breakthroughs of the security agents.

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His Words Were:

"I am proud to notify this gathering, that the Nigerian Army, are making great progress, in fighting insurgency, terrorism, banditry and even other forms of criminality in the nation".

"But unfortunately, these efforts are not recognized or reported by the media. The Media houses prefer sharing reports, that scare the people, and attract negative attention, rather than sharing headlines, geared toward commemorating the progress, and effort of the military, to end this dilemma".

The Major General went further to say that the recent surrendering of some Boko Haram Members is also evidence of the work these brave men are doing.

We must be conscious of the victories that the Nigerian army are frequently, scoring against these terrorists.

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From the statement of the Major General, it is clear that the media have been one-sided on their recent reports.

Media houses must learn to be balanced on their stories. Citizens need good reports to give hope, rather than bad news that will only bring fear to the country.

Nigerians must also be aware, that the Army is doing a good job, we just have to be patient, very soon terrorism will be a thing of the past.

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