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Check Out 3 US Military Assault Vehicles That Can Travel Both On Land And On The Sea (Photos)

Manned assault vehicles are one of the most used military vehicles in the world today. And as time goes by many militaries around the world are trying to improve their military infantry. The US Army is one of the most advanced militaries in the world today and this is mostly because of their efficient military technology.

Photo Credit: 9to5Mac

In this article, we will be discussing 3 of the US militaries assault vehicles and how they work.

1. IAV Stryker:

This military automobile is an eight-wheeled armed infantry carrier that was specially created for conveying US military personnels in active duty.

Photo Credit: Military & Aerospace Electronics/National Defense Magazine

2. Humvee:

This armed military truck is a multipurpose utility vehicle built to specially created for conveying military equipments.

Photo Credit: Pinterest/

3. AAV-7A1:

This is an amphibious military vehicle in the US military infantry tasked with transporting US naval personnels. The vehicle move both on land and in the ocean.

Photo Credit: Pinterest/Bitrannica

What do you think about these assault vehicles?

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