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3 Setbacks To The Anti-banditry War In The North As A Lady's Nabbed With Fuel Cans Under Her Hijab

That the NigerIan Military has been waging a fight-to-finish war against the heavily armed bandits that have neen terrorising both of the North-Western and North-Eastern NigerIa, especially in Zamfara, is no longer a new development.

It is of note that in the build up to the above-mentioned war in Zamfara State that has come to become the hub of banditry in the country, certain activities were put on hold. They include the placement of ban on selling fuel in Jerry cans across the state, suspension of weekly markets from holding across the state, except in Gusau which is the state's capital, among other restrictions. And if the truth must be told, then, one would say that the criminal elements have been surrendering due to the Military onslaughts being launched against them in no small measures. This is because while several hundreds of them have been Killed, scores of others have surrendered when they could no longer bear the heat from the raids. In the same vein, many of their deadly weapons have been seized in addition to their shelters in the forest destroyed as well.

While the above are just a handful of the achievements of the military troops against the bandits, it has been discovered that the outlaws have been doing the unexpected to improvise their way out of some of the bans and suspensions that Governor Bello Matawalle of Zamfara State has put in place. And this and many other lapses have been constituting setbacks to the anti-banditry war. Here are three of such :

1.) One of such setbacks is that the bandits have been using their wives to get fuel and definitely other commodities like food to them in their forest hideouts. And luckily, about two days ago, one of such women , Rashida Hyssaini, was arrested in Katsina State with three gallons of fuell hidden under her hijab. The suspect was discovered to be taking the fuel to her bandit husband in the forest.

2.) Where did the arrested lady mentioned above get the fuel from? A common reasoning would detect that she must have been doing it before. And it is surely some persons in the state thwarting the government efforts by secretly breaking the law against the sale of fuel in Jerry cans.

3.) She was allegedly arrested within the forest area, this means that she definitely has been navigating there both on and forth without being apprehended. What this means is that it was only by the grace of God that she was caught at last. Therefore, the bandits themselves must have been having field days moving in and out of there freely as well. The meaning of this is that the forests are perhaps not being well-manned enough.

From of the above, it is not just enough for bans and suspensions to be made in the things and activities that can help in caging the bandits, enforcement is also required.

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