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We were afraid of being killed if we surrender – Boko Haram terrorists confess

Some repentant Boko Haram militants in the North East have expressed regret for taking up guns against the state, murdering fellow residents, and destroying property.

On Tuesday, they informed the media during a visit to one of the holding and screening centers for surrendered militants in Borno.

(Name withheld) one of the remorseful fighters stated he and other surrendered colleagues realized their commanders misled to them about why they were recruited.

He went on to say that they realized they couldn't continue to live in the woods while fleeing the military's onslaught.

He claimed that if they hadn't been afraid of being kidnapped and killed by the military, they would have surrendered a long time ago.

Surrendering, he believes, is the greatest option, and he encourages his colleagues who have yet to surrender to do so.

“We were scared that if we came out, we would be killed, but that is not the case because we were welcomed without being attacked, and we have been treated properly since we came out.

“I want to encourage my remaining colleagues in the jungle to come out and surrender because they will be accepted,” he said.

He said he spent roughly six years fighting the war but afterwards realized they weren't fighting for a good cause.

Since July, thousands of Boko Haram fighters, their families, and supporters have been received, according to Brig.-Gen. Adewale Adekeye, Commander, 21 Special Armoured Brigade Bama.

Adekeye stated that the theater command was aware of the anxieties and apprehensions that the recent tragedy had sparked among the civilian population in Borno and throughout the country.

He said that surrendering was a common occurrence throughout warfare's past, and that it had been a time-honoured event.

”Even under the rules of war, there are things you are obliged to do when someone surrenders to you, and that is what the army has been doing,” he explained.

“The number of rebels who have surrendered is rather high, but the majority of them have been processed and transferred down to the Borno State Government's Maiduguri detention facility.

But because we are the initial point of contact for these rebels coming down from the bush, we have a lot of obligations as the first contact to profile them,” he explained.

The surrendering events, according to the Brigade Commander, took place in Borno's Bama Local Government Area, which is huge and close to Sambisa Forest.

He went on to claim that all units had been trained on how to accept surrendering terrorists, process them, and transport them to the main holding cell in Bama for additional processing, and that the exercise had been going on since July.

He, on the other hand, denied that the surrendered terrorists were being held in state-run IDP camps.

“We don't mix them in with the IDPs, because as you know, the IDPs camp in Bama is one of the state's oldest camps.

“The number of people in the camp has decreased as IDPs have returned to their ancestral homes, but the IDPS camp is a separate entity that is under the supervision of the state emergency management agency,” he explained.


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