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Sale Of Warplanes To Nigeria: Banning Military Aid May Affect America's Relationship With Nigeria

The American government have a very cordial relationship with the Nigerian government and this relationship has been fruitful for several years. It is a symbiotic relationship where both parties benefit from each other. For instance, Nigeria gets help from the United States government in terms of military assistance, diplomatic assistance and other relief programs whereas Nigeria export professionals and agricultural products to the United States. The recent call by a US congressman to stop the sales of weapons to Nigeria may affect the cordial relationship between the two countries.

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The Nigerian government has been purchasing weapons from America for several years and this did not start from the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari. Past administrations have also purchased weapons from US governments which were used to tackle weapons deficit and boost the capacity of our armed forces for effective discharge of their duties. So why will a congressman call for the stoppage of this trade?

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During the administration of President Donald Trump, the Nigerian government has negotiated the sales of warplanes known as Super Tucano fighter jets. The deal was negotiated in the year 2017 and the delivery date was set to be in the year 2021. The first batch of these fighter jets has already been delivered to Nigeria while the remaining batch will be delivered in due time. Nigeria has spent millions of dollars for the procurement of these fighter jets which directly means that the United States government also benefitted from this trade.

(Photo Credit: Premium Times Newspaper)

The United States Congress must maintain a good working relationship between the two countries for better development. Nigeria needs all the help it can get to tackle the security threats affecting different regions of the country. Banning military aids and other relief program by the United States government may affect the war against insurgency, banditry kidnapping and violent agitators.

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