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Checkout The World's Largest Aircraft Graveyard With Over 6,000 Retired Airplane.

Have you ever wondered what happens to retired aircraft? Or ever thought about where they are kept after being out of date? Well, this article will enlighten you more about it.

Everything on Earth has a lifespan be it plants, animals, machines, or human beings, and when the lifespan limit is exceeded it tends to degree or die. Aircraft are one of the most sophisticated marvels of engineering man has ever made, and it sometimes saddens me to see some wonderful ones such as the Concorde or the Tupolev Tu-144 going into a final resting place.

Retired or out-of-service planes are kept in the graveyard also called boneyard, The storage of aircraft started after the second world due to the production of highly sophisticated ones.

There are many such yards all around the world today some include Alice Spring yard in Australia, Saskatoon Saskatchewan yard in Canada, Teruel Yard in Spain, etc, But the largest of them all is the Davis Mothan Airforce base in the Arizona United States.

The Davis Mothan Airforce Base is the largest boneyard in the world with over 6,000 aircraft, it is the best choice for aircraft storage because of its low humidity atmosphere and low rainfall allowing aircraft not to rust for a long time.

The site was built in 1925 and currently been operated by the United States Airforce, It was named in honor of Lieutenants Samuel H. Davis (1896–1921) and Oscar Monthan(1885–1924).

Check out more photos from the facility.

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