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The Killing Of Our Nigerian Soldiers And The Bitter Truth[Opinion]

The men of the Nigerian Army, are so sold out to the protecting of our dear country, that they are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice, if the need arises.

In recent times, you may recall that there have been reported cases of ambush, against the Nigerian Army and it has sincerely, become an issue foe concern.

You may recall that over 356 men of the Nigerian Army were reported to have resigned from the Nigerian Army, due to loss of interest and the brings us back to the several complaints, lodged against the Nigerian Army, by soldiers.

We may recall that General Adeniyi Olusegun, the former Theatre Commander in charge of commander of Operation 'Lafia Dole', was seen on a clip, complaining to his bosses, about how insurgents attacked them from all flanks and both he and his men, did not have adequate fire power, neither were some of their war equipment, in the best of shape.

Lance Corporal Martins Idakpini, made the same statement. He stated that the men sent ro rhe battlefront, we're under-equipped in comparison to the kind of equipments these insurgents make use of, hence, the death of soldiers and even civilians. Sadly, he was arrested after the video was uploaded.

One of the most painful facts, that we need to realize is that, these slain soldiers have loved ones, who look up to them for both emotional and financial support. Now that these soldiers are gone, who will fill in those gaps?

Sadly, these men are husbands, uncles and fathers, whose vaccum no else will ever feel.

We pray that these families of departed soldiers, find the fortitude to bear their losses.

God bless Nigeria.

God bless men of the Nigerian Army.

Dear friends, what is your take on this issue of National Concern?

Can the government help to avert some of these deaths?

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