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Nigerians Should Wait For Investigation On Why The Female Corper Was Dehumanized Before Trading Blames

Due to a viral video containing a female soldier who was treating a female corp member in a dehumanizing way by pouring dirty substance on her, many Nigerians have been reacting in support and against the treatment by the female soldier. Watch the video here. According to the military report, the matter is being investigated before a military panel and the military has described the treatment as unacceptable. The incident was said to have happened in the 13 Brigade, Calabar.

The Nigerian Army (NA) has said the action of the military officer is condemnable, unprofessional, and against established precepts of discipline, and the unfortunate act of indiscipline does not in any way represent the NA and will not be condoned in its entirety. That's a good approach from the NA. The NA is the pride of our nation, cannot be seen in the act of unwholesome indisciplinary acts. The military should keep up the good work to purge themselves of anything that may smear the good image of the NA.

However, this is unusual. Something must be wrong somewhere. Anywhere a soldier sees a corps member, there's always mutual respect between them. Many Nigerians have never seen a soldier be this unfriendly to corps members. They are usually attached to Corp members in a friendly relationship. That is why something must be wrong for this Corp member to be treated in this manner. In a democratic setting, this type of dehumanizing behavior should not happen except the offense committed by the female Corper warrant it according to the military laws.

This matter is being investigated by the military, therefore Nigerians should wait for the outcome of the investigation before trading blames on either the Corp member or the military. The military understands the image this type of video can bring for them among Nigerians, this will make them properly investigate the case.

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