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China, Nigeria, USA And North Korea Military Parades, Which One Is The Best?

If you have have ever witnessed a military parade am sure you will want to join the military force if not for anything but for the parades.

These parades are often done when a country is marking an official date (mostly indepence) but still you can see more of it when they are on their training ground.

During military parades, most country shows weapons that they are made of and also display of their military strength.

Countries that are most capable of performing breathing taking parades are The United States Of America, China, North Korea and many more.

In this article you will be permitted to see some of these military parades from the different countries listed above after which you will have the chance to choose your best among these military parades listed below.

Before you start I will advice you observe their uniformity of marching and also their lovely uniforms. Enjoy your self as you decide the best among them.

Tell us which military parades is the best.

You may also want to know the following

What is a military parade ground?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English paˈrade ˌground noun [countable] a place where soldiers practise marching or standing together in rowsExamples from the Corpusparade ground•

The central road between the gardens had become a parade ground.

What happens in a parade?

A parade is a procession of people, usually organized along a street, often in costume, and often accompanied by marching bands, floats, or sometimes large balloons.

Protest demonstrations can also take the form of a parade, but such cases are usually referred to as a march instead.

Why is Parade done?

During combat there are situations where lack of immediate response to orders may endanger life/lives.

Parades are done to inculcate habit of immediate response to orders.

Which Country Has The Best Military Parade?

France. It was reportedly after witnessing the Bastille Day military parade during his visit to Paris.

president Trump first had the idea to stage a 'grand military parade', having called the French celebration a "tremendous thing for France and for the spirit of France".

North Korea.



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