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Why Bandits & Bokoharam Should Be Prosecuted Publicly To Serve As Deterrent To Other Criminals

Terrorism and murder are public interest criminal offenses that don't need to be tried in private. If you kill people arbitrarily, you should be tried publicly to serve as a deterrent to others. Abdul-Mutallab was prosecuted and sentenced in the US over its planned bombing publicly and many other criminals. The government should not be sympathetic to those mindless killers in the North. In as much as it's near impossible to guard everywhere in this country.

The truth is that the Bandits and so-called Bokoharam leaders are not been prosecuted publicly. They claim to have arrested some commanders and perpetrators of those mindless murderers, yet we've not heard of Court appearances and trials rather what we have been hearing is pardoning and granting them amnesty. By doing this, impunity will continually increase, if criminals are not brought to book.

How can the trial of such a high-profile kidnapper like Evans take even months not to talk of years? The government is not yet desirous to stop criminality. These days, how can one stop kidnapping amongst Social Club/Church/Family Members, Neighbours, etc which are now so common? Crimes like kidnapping are very difficult to stop. The deterrent is in swift Arrests, prosecution, and maximum sentencing, including total forfeiture of Proceeds of Crime. Evans, the Billionaire Kidnapper is still facing trial after almost 5 years. Our System has no deterrent against serious crimes.

Criminals should face the full wrath of the law, they should not be allowed to work freely in society in the name of amnesty. What do you think the families of those that they have killed will feel? Sad! And request for justice. That is what they want. What will make the lives of the families of the deceased that were killed by terrorists happier than seeing the terrorists facing the full wrath of law?

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