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Reasons Why Israel Should Prevent Iran From Obtaining Unclear Weapons.

Iran is trying to Manufacture nuclear weapons, why and how to prevent it from achieving its goal must be the main objective of Israel and it alliance.

There are overlapping risks with each other for the Gulf states, and for Israel in particular, posed by a nuclear Iran, which has important strategic interests and security obligations to its allies in the region.

Israel well have several consequences if Iran finally become unclear power.

The defense establishment is currently discussing the possibility that Israel will have to attack Iran's nuclear facilities in the near future. This is not only a talk, but also preliminary preparations for the implementation of some of the attack plans prepared at the General Staff led by Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi.

Here are dangerous reasons israel should stop Iran from manufacturer nuclear bomb.

The first troubling issue is that Iran will become the dominant power in the region, equipped with nuclear weapons that will put it in a position to intimidate and bully israel into accepting its political dictates. Iran is involved in destructive activities in Bahrain and other Gulf states, fomenting riots by Shiite minorities. The old enmity between Sunni states and Shiite Iran has now gained further momentum as a result of the wars in Iraq and Syria in which Iran and Saudi Arabia, backed by other Gulf states, are waging proxy wars against each other.

The second worrying issue is the possibility of some nuclear installations, for example the so-called "dirty bombs" (combining radioactive materials with conventional explosives) into the wrong hands or even deliberately supplied to Islamic extremist groups. 

This means the greater the spread of nuclear weapons and materials in the region, the greater the risk that such groups will use these materials against their enemies, regardless of whether they are Sunnis, Shiites or Israelis. 

What can be imagined is that Iran would supply such weapons to Hezbollah in order to deter Israel from attacking its nuclear facilities. In addition, terrorist groups may steal such weapons. 

Neither of these scenarios can be ruled out because Saudi Arabia, Egypt and possibly other countries may withdraw from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and be left without strict inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency. Moreover, there are many jihadist groups, in particular Al-Qaeda, who will not miss any opportunity to get their hands on such weapons from Iran.

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