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Check Out Photos Of The United States Air Force Killer Drone Capable of Shooting Down A Fighter Jet.

Ever since humans learnt and perfected the science of aviation, he has employed the application of avionics to everything he wishes. From aeroplanes to rockets, jet packs and even drones.

Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles which can be remotely piloted and navigated by an individual. They can also be used for civilian purposes such as weather forecasting, photography and videography, and other recreational activities.

Various types of drones have been designed and built for military application such as surveillance, reconnaissance and even combat scenerios. Today we shall be looking at the United States Air force drone known as the MQ-1 predator drone.

The MQ-1 predator drone is a remotely controlled aerial vehicle designed and built and designed primarily for the united states air force and the central intelligence agency.

All Predator drones are installed with cameras and multiple sensors. It is also capable of being equipped with two air to surface hellfire missiles and other munitions.

It is supplied its aerodynamic stability by a Rotax engine a propeller.

Predator drones have a flight range of the 740 km and a recorded top flight speed of 245 km/hr

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