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"No Wonder They Have The Strongest Military” - See Some Powerful weapons Used By Russians Soldiers.

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Russian is among the strongest nation with military power, they have the most powerful weapons in the world after The United States of America. 

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, popularly known as the Russian Armed Forces, are the military forces of Russia, it was Established after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

Russian is the top nation in terms of the number of combat tanks with 21,932. they have more than three times the US total and also armored fighting vehicles (of which it has more than 50,000) and self-propelled artillery with several weapons. 

Russian is among the country that has used missile defense systems in times of war. These systems do more than just save lives. 

In this article, I will be revealing some powerful weapons used by Russian soldiers. 

Can Nigerians ever have this powerful tool?

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