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The new military exercise in the S/East could help the Igbos in their quest for 2023 Igbo Presidency

The activities of unknown gunmen in the southeast have become a thing of concern in recent times. These unknown gunmen have carried out nefarious and heinous attacks on residents of the southeastern region. These attacks have caused the residents of the region to live in fear and panic.

These unknown gunmen have been associated with the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra because the unknown gunmen have carried out most of their deadly activities on the day IPOB mandated that all residents of the southeast observe sit-at-home to protest the detention of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Though IPOB leadership has come out to distance IPOB from the activities of the unknown gunmen.

However, a glimpse of hope seems to arise for the people of the southeastern region as the Nigerian military has launched a new military operational exercise codenamed "Golden Dawn". This military exercise will tackle all forms of criminality in the southeast. The Nigerian military will also partner with other security agencies to actualize the goal of this exercise. This exercise will run from October 4th to December 24th and it will create an enabling environment for socio-economic and political activities to thrive in the region.

Hence, how will this new military operational exercise help the Igbos in their quest for the 2023 presidency?

First of all, it is good to recall that ahead of the 2023 presidential race, the southeastern region has continued to call on the different political parties to zone their presidential ticket to the region. This is because the southeast region is yet to produce a president since 1999.

However, one major case that has been made against the southeastern region and its quest to produce the next president is the IPOB agitation that has characterized the region. This is because it is perceived that a region that is agitating for break-up will be characterized by political apathy by 2023 and no political party will want to zone its presidential ticket to a zone that there is a high possibility of low participation in electoral activities.

That being said, the new military exercise will aim at curbing all forms of intimidation from the secessionist group on southeast residents and hence restore peace and security to the region ahead of 2023.

Secondly, the activities of the unknown gunmen have caused serious security issues in the southeast, which has become a threat, especially to the forthcoming Anambra State gubernatorial election. It is also good to understand that most political parties are watching how the residents of Anambra State will actively participate in their forthcoming election because this Anambra State gubernatorial election will be the last major election in the southeast before 2023. Hence, if there are records of low participation during the gubernatorial election, this will affect the chances of any political party to zone their 2023 presidential ticket to the southeast.

Hence, with the new military exercise, there will be improved security in Anambra State, electorates will participate actively in the electoral activities before and during the November 6th election in the state. Hence, this will change the narrative of insecurity in the state that could have caused low participation during the election which could, in turn, deny the southeast region a chance to produce the next president by 2023.

In summary, the need for an improved security situation in the southeast can not be overlooked especially as the region is agitating to produce the next president. It is a clear fact that insecurity and separatist agenda affect electoral activities and as such, it will be difficult for a region characterized by insecurity and agitations for secession to hold an argument that they want to produce the next president. Hence, this new military operational exercise will go a long way to change the narrative of the region.

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