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3 Sophisticated Weapons The FG Can Use To Put And End To Insurgency

Considering the high rate of insecurity in the country, the Federal Government can implore some sophisticated weapons to combat insurgency and these weapons, if well handled, can drastically reduce the rate of insecurity across the country.

Below are 3 sophisticated weapons the Federal Government should invest to combat insecurity.

1. The Maxim Machine Gun

(Photo Credit: Britannica)

The Maxim gun, developed around 1884, was a recoil-operated, belt-fed, water-cooled machine gun that fired more than 500 rounds per minute at an effective range of more than 2,000 yards (1,830 meters).

With this weapon in the hand of the federal government and it's official security operatives, bandits, Boko Haram and unknown gunmen are at the mercy of the law.

The Military soldiers with each paired with a Maxim Machine gun would be able to battle confidently with terrorists in all regions of the country and come out victoriously.

2. RPG — Rocket Propelled Grenade

(Photo Credit: War History Online)

The RPG is another sophisticated weapon that, if well-equipped, can take out a multi-million dollar tank.

With the RPG, you can fire anti-tank rockets from the shoulder. If the Federal Government invests in this weapon and the training of soldiers to be able to use it properly, then bandits can be sighted and eliminated several kilometers away.

3. Flamethrower

(Photo Credit: War History Online)

A flamethrower is classed as an incendiary device, that is specifically designed to project fire in a stream that is long and controllable.

This weapon is not so common in Africa, but if well utilized, can bring an end to insurgency.

Terrorist groups in the country are also well-equipped with weapons, which is why the federal government should step up in imploring sophisticated weapons to combat insurgency in the country.

Boko Haram, unknown gunmen, bandits and other criminals destroy the lives and properties of the people, keeping the nation in unrest. These criminals are not welcomed in the country and every possible means to erase their existence should be implored.

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