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Why Nigerians Should Give Troops Their Support As They Neutralize 7 ISWAP Fighters In Borno

According to a report by Daily Post, over seven ISWAP elements were reportedly neutralized by the Nigerian military on Saturday after they attempted to enter Maiduguri and were successfully repelled at Kumshe general area of Maiduguri, the Borno state capital in northeast Nigeria by the Nigerian troops.

Nigeria is huge. A nation of 200+ million people with a very ethically diverse population and culture. People expect Nigeria to be like Qatar or the UAE or Kuwait or Norway because Nigeria is an oil-rich nation. That may well be the case, but when you compare, for example, Angola with a daily oil output of 1.4 million BPD and a population of 32 million, and Nigeria with a daily oil output of 2.4 million BPD and a population of 200+ million, you realize Nigeria is not in the same league as Qatar or Norway or Angola.

It is almost a resource-poor country in this regard. After 40 wasted years of dictatorship and a decade of insurgency, Nigeria is just now beginning to diversify its economy, rebuild its infrastructure and boost our manufacturing sector, our service industry, IT sector, music and movie industry, etc. Common sense about the horrors that ensue when a country becomes ungovernable like Libya or Syria is not understood among a cross-section of Nigerians.

We have defied two CIA predictions, avoided another civil war, endured years of covert sabotage by external players and their local accomplices, reduce the world's deadliest terrorist group to the level of criminality, rebuild our armed forces and force the surrender of over 15,000 terrorists, building Africa's biggest economy with oil accounting for less than 18% of Nigeria's overall GDP. Nigerians must support the Nigerian troops to fight against these bandits and terrorists that are disturbing the peace of the country. Without our support as Nigerians, the fight against insurgency in Nigeria won't be easily defeated.

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