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Estonia to provide sniper rifles and military equipment to Ukraine.

As reported by Army Technology, The Estonian Ministry of Defence (MoD) has said that it will offer Ukraine further military aid, including sniper rifles and special forces gear. 

The new decision was made after members of the Estonian government supported the MoD's proposal for an additional military funding tranche on March 16. 

The new support package will deliver sniper rifles, semi-automatic weapons, and ammunition, with a total estimated value of €494,300. 

Sights, thermal cameras, binoculars, patrol boats, and other specialized equipment are included in the special forces equipment package. Estonia will also provide medical supplies for the Ukrainian soldiers at the same time. 

Once it is delivered, the new gear should improve the Ukrainian Armed Forces' training and combat capability when facing off against Russian forces. 

Hanno Pevkur, the defense minister of Estonia, said: "We addressed the status of aid to Ukraine yesterday during the Ramstein format conference with our partners, and it is obvious that there is no more time to waste in aiding Ukraine. 

"Although a million artillery shells will be jointly purchased by the European Union as part of our large plan, smaller, more carefully targeted aid packages must also be maintained. 

"Thus, today's decision to target this aid package—a continuation of the prior one—specifically towards sniper rifles and special forces equipment" 

The nation has so far sent Ukraine 400 million euros' worth of military hardware, systems, and weapons. Over 1% of Estonia's GDP is represented by this sum. 

The delivery of additional anti-tank and artillery ammunition, as well as armored vests and winter clothes for the Ukrainian forces, was approved by the Estonian MoD last year. 

Together with the Netherlands and Norway, Estonia is also providing Ukraine with a field hospital. The estimated cost of this project is €7.8 million.



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