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Check Out The Advanced Technology Israeli Defense Force Uses To Secure Israel's Border

Securing the borders of a country is very important for the peace and progress of a nation. This is why most countries invest a lot of time and resources in securing their borders from infiltration by terrorists. In this article, we will taking a look at the modern technology Israel is using to secure their borders.

Jaguar is IDF's latest border security system. The new technology has been a success for Israel Defense Force (IDF) as it helps Israeli soldiers keep watch of their borders without being physically present at the sights.

The armed AI powered bot is an enhanced semi autonomous ground vehicle specially created to protect Israel borders as it can be remotely operated from IDF's military base.

Geared up with enhanced sensors and surveillance cameras, this autonomous is armed with a 7.62 mm MAG machine gun that can spot and execute targets while in motion.

According to an IDF statement, the Jaguar is one of the first military robots in the world that can replace soldiers on the border.

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