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You discomfort yourself to protect us, we are grateful, this photos of soldiers is melting hearts.

There is no other act of patriotism greater than an individual leaving the comfort of his home and his family, to go and fight for the unity and stability of his country.

Heartwarming messages have been pouring in from Nigerians from all works of life, ever since soldiers at the forefront of the battle against insurgency have been posting pictures of how they sleep.

Nigerians understands that the sacrifices of these young men and women, is what is keeping the balance between civilization and tyranny in check. Yes we have heard of true love between lovers, but no other love can supersede the kind of love that these young men and women are exhibiting in the theater of war. I mean, this guys are fighting to protect you and I, even though they don't know us physically. They sacrifice their comforts and enjoyment, they sleep in trenches, so that we may sleep comfortably on our mattress in peace.

Although, some of you my dear readers may be thinking that "what's the big deal about what they are doing?, after all they get paid." But permit me to correct that notion, if it was not a big deal, then why didn't you volunteer for the military, at least you will get paid too. When Nigeria called, they were they few that obeyed. Secondly, it is the sacrifices of these men and women that has enabled us to go about our daily lives with ease and without fear of being attacked by Boko haram.

Some of these men have shown their last full measures of devotion to the entity called Nigeria. They should be celebrated and given a heroes welcome whenever they return. The federal government should strengthen welfare of these brave heroes. After all, the labours of our heroes past shall never be in vain.

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