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How True Is Nigeria's Ranking As 3rd On Global Terrorism Index In 2020 ?

Nigeria has been ranked third on the latest global terrorism index as of November last year 2020. A report that measures the impact of terrorism on countries across the world. Only Afghanistan and Iraq were adjudged to have been more badly affected by terrorism. It should be noted that Nigeria has been ranked 3rd and has remained so since 2015.

As of last year, there was quite a remarkable reduction in the number of deaths recorded as a result of terrorist attacks compared to previous years. But it still turned out that Nigeria ranked 3rd in the global terrorism index, I would love us to consider if this ranking can still be correct with the present situation of things in the country and with the recent surrender of several Boko Haram commanders and terrorists.

The current crises in Afghanistan today makes it clear that such raking was not wrong as the Taliban terrorist group have finally sized power. Causing the President to flee and have made many homeless. Talking about Nigeria, terrorism has had a massive reduction this year including the herdsmen and Fulani attacks on farmers and civilians compared to past years. I believe that these recent developments if maintained should bring Nigeria below number three this year.

But the government would have a key role to play in ensuring that the military is well equipped and supported to fight terrorism to its last in Nigeria. They Should also prosecute everyone caught to be a sponsor of terrorism in the country and if possible seize their properties as well. When enough support and encouragement is given to the military we should have a new ranking till we are no more on the top 10 list anymore.

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