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Reasons Why Israel May Not Have The Military Capabilities To Attack Iran Nuclear Sites.

There are overlapping risks with each other for the Gulf states, and for Israel in particular, posed by a nuclear Iran, which has important strategic interests and security obligations to its allies in the region.

Israel views long time foe Iran as an existential threat. Tensions between the two has heightened after a slew of tanker attacks, sabotage operations and assassinations

All eyes are on Israel and Iran, which have been waging a shadow war for several years. the tension is at its height. With its finger on the trigger, Israel seems ready to go it alone.  

Israel Defense Force Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi, said Israel has put more extensive plans in place for when it decides to “attack” Iran,

The threat of an Israeli headlong rush, which would plunge the region into a conventional war,

Here are reasons why israel may have the military capabilities to to attacks Iran nuclear sites.

According to the preferred scenario, Israel would strike Iran four most important nuclear sites. those of Natanz, Fordo, Arak and Isfahan.  

Such an operation would require pilots to traverse more than 1,500 km of hostile airspace to repel Iran air defenses and simultaneously attack several underground sites, which would require them to use at least a hundred planes.  

According to Israel military analysis such an air strikes that could decisively delay Iran's nuclear program are "beyond the capacity" of Israel, in part due to the distance between Israel and Iran

High performance ammunition

Another problem inherent in a military operation against Iran is the ammunition necessary to penetrate the heart of the Natanz power plant, which is buried under a ten-meter screed of reinforced concrete, and the Fordo site, built in a Mountain.  

If Israel does not use a nuclear system to do this, then it would resort to 2250 kilogram GBU-28 bunker bombs which can damage such targets, although their penetrating capacity is unknown.

However, Israel does not claim to have the resources to wipe out Iranian nuclear equipment Or to ensure that the Islamic regime will never have the means to build a bomb in the future. 

However, we do not have perfect visibility" of Israel's arsenal, let alone its military calculations. "There are many unknowns, there are many potential risks also, but Israelis should know that these risks are much serious than they expected. 

Meanwhile, Iran could launch retaliation Which can lead to several consequences on Israel.

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