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The Bitter Truth About The Resignation Of 356 Nigerian Soldiers. [Opinion]

It is no news that over 300 Nigerian soldiers have decided to resign from the Army. Nigerians are still confused and do not seem to know the reason behind this sudden decision.The soldiers have said that their decision was caused by "Loss of interest and "Taking up a traditional title".

The present condition of the Nigerian Army has made these soldiers lose passion for their job. Many honourable soldiers have also lost their lives in this fight against insurgency. Some soldiers also claim that the Nigerian Army has been broken and compromised. Indeed, only a person in the Army can accurately describe the current state of The Nigerian Army.

There have been various cries from soldiers to alert the government on how poorly equipped Nigerian soldiers are. In the absence of good man power and machinery, the fight against insurgency will be a death sentence.

Gen. Adeniyi Olusegun, was the former theatre commander of the 'Lafia Dole' operation in Maiduguri, Borno State. Recently, he talked about the present situation of the Nigerian Army and stated how poorly equipped Nigerian troops were for battle. He lamented on how his men lacked weapons for combat. Under these unfair circumstances, it will be difficult for the Nigerian Army to subdue these Book Haran Terrorists.

This is an issue of national concern and please feel free to share your opinion.

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