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Bandit And Bokoharam Working Together To Collect Ransom From Buhari Govt. And Reasons They Won't Succeed

According to a report by Peoples Gazette, the United States policymakers has uncovered the secrets dealings of how Boko Haram terrorists operating in the North-East region have been collaborating with armed bandits terrorizing communities across the North-West to collect ransom from the Buhari administration and civilian victims as reported by "The Wall Street Journal reports".

If bandits and Bokoharam terrorists are now working together, this is not good for Nigeria. But they will never succeed because Nigeria is a massive refutation of their utopian fantasy and eldorado. They compared Nigeria with their vision of a country without law and order. So, rather than change their false theories and ways, they lash out at Nigeria and those daring to espouse hope for Nigeria.

However, countries do not exist in fantasyland. They exist in the real world. Besides, the world that surrounds us is not too idyllic. If we compare Nigeria to others with similar problems, Nigeria's resilience is the one ingredient those country's lack. Look at Mali, terrorists overrunning half the country, two violent coup d'etat in 12 months, a country under foreign occupation.

Look at Libya, the country that once boasted of African's best living standard now a failed state. How about security plagued Niger, Chad, Cameroon, or economically desperate nations that represent 80% of ECOWAS. These are countries with very small and less ethnically diverse populations, yet they cannot even manage themselves. In comparison you realize Nigeria and its resilience is the one African country that begins to resemble a nation that can weather what anybody throws at it, survive and live up to its potential and carry the rest of the continent with it. If Nigeria wins Africa wins big.

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