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Criminal Elements Should Stop Targeting Public Facilities

Today, the fact that NigerIans are passing through multifaceted security challenges is due to the heinous activities of some adamant criminal elements. And such anti-social ones include the terrorists, bandits and unknown gunmen.



Unknown Gunmen

Although, the above named three groups of criminals are different as they do not operate together, they, however, share many things in common. One of such is the knack to vandalize public assets. There is hardly a time they unleash their evil inclinations for which they are infamous without descending on one or more government-owned facilities which are supposedly provided for the well-being of the general public.

For example, in the North-East and some parts of the North-Central, the Boko Haram have bombed and burnt down army barracks, police stations and a whole lot of other national identities for years. And in recent times, their ISWAP fellows in terrorism have joined forces with them in perpetuating the unlawful acts.

Also, in the North-West, bandits have been making existence boring to the people by not only killing some and kidnapping many of the rest for ransoms; they have also been bombing, razing and shooting down public facilities like the Boko Haram/ISWAP terrorists. For instance, about three months ago, some of the hoodlums successfully shot down one of the military jets belonging to the NigerIan Air Force (NAF) on its way from a reconnaissance mission in one of the forests in Zamfara State. Although, only about four days ago, a commercial train that was on a trip with passengers onboard was bombed in Kaduna State. And one of those who were lucky to survive the inferno is Senator Shehu Sani who was a former representative of Kaduna-West Senatorial District.

And in the South-East where the Nnamdi Kanu-led Independent People of Biafra (IPOB) have been agitating to be liberated out of NigerIa, the unknown gunmen have been particularly concentrating on both infrastructural facilities and well-meaning individuals, especially those of Igbo descent. For examples, they have invaded correctional facilities, police stations and the Department of State Services (DSS) where they burned official vehicles and structures in addition to setting inmates free. And some of such fugitives have involved in some crimes against the government afterwards. An instance of such ones was a certain Obele who was said to be an IPOB member prisoner who was set free by the unknown gunmen. And he was said to be one of those who confronted soldiers during the recent Izombe community in Imo State saga in which he however met his waterloo at last.

The bottom-line of the above, among many others more, is that after those urchins have destroyed public amenities both yesterday and today, it is the government that would be accused of not being responsible enough to provide the infrastructure needed for public growth and development in the future. This habit of the criminals to be destroying infrastructural facilities is very uncalled-for.

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