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Two Things To Note As Nigerian Army Develops Armoured Tricycles For Combat Operations

The Nigerian Army has developed a prototype of an armoured tricycle, dubbed Keke Napep, for use in combat operations against terrorists in the northern region. 

On Sunday, October 17, 2021, a journalist named Murtala shared a photo of the tricycle on his verified Twitter account. The vehicle is camouflaged and features the Nigerian Army logo.

The Nigerian Army also designed some motorcycles, known as Okada, for the war against insecurity in the country a few weeks ago.

The majority of bandits and terrorists hide in forests, making it difficult for security vans to find them.

The motorcycle and tricycle are said to be perfect for jungle operations and chasing down bandits in the woods.

However, there are a few things I noticed in the new equipment. They are as follows:

1. In the fight against insecurity in the north, the tricycle is ineffective. A tricycle is not a powerful vehicle. Enemies can destroy equipment with a single attack.

It is unsafe for soldiers to use the equipment for combat operations. 

2. Limited funds that should be used to address other pressing issues are being diverted to the development of machines that will result in casualties.

Using motorcycles and tricycles for combat operations may result in more casualties for our gallant troops. 

Although it's amazing to see the Nigerian Army produce its own equipment. However, the tricycles and motorcycles are just unsuitable for battle.

Finally, instead of tricycles or motorbikes, the military should obtain more armored tanks and fighter jets.

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