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How Nigeria Participated During The First World War

The World War I, lasted from 28 July 1914 to 11 November 1918. Nigeria`s recruits participated in the World War 1, as laborers, troops were pick from both the North and South. And the saw action against the German forces in Cameroon and in German East Africa. During the war period the focus on Nigeria, was been an extractive economy, Nigeria was supposed to export raw materials, such as groundnut, cotton, cocoa, palm and import finished goods.

Farmers, become wealthy, before competition begin, which kept the prices low. They have to get their crops to the coast to sell, the British now focus on port facilities and transportation infrastructure, in order to facilitate the export economics. Rivers were widened and Swamps were dredged, to allowed easy transportation. Nigeria also, exported minerals, including, gold, silver, copper, coal and tin. For example in 1914, some mining firms, such as Ropp Tin and the Naraguta company, were extracting tin from Jos, and they were making 100% profit.

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