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Safety accident


Environmental accident

This is the brutal of dumping trashes in drainages can caused.

It is all to be know, that unwanted substances are not a good thing to be throw all around. The system is not well to be doing.

Dumping trashes in drainage, or beside drainages are abnormal behavior; which is caused of many air pollution to the body. This is not only what this can caused. Many more of brutal, causing by dumps of trashes in the gutters.

It is not a well behaviors; this normally blocks the drainages, which when too much of solid waste has been dumped, in the drainages will bring about spreading of the trashes over moveable roads; whenever rains fall, and from this act normally caused pollution to the spoiled of many drinkable streaming waters.

Aside of the the dirts, and irritating face, dumping trashes to gutters or drainages will brings to environment. It'll also blocked the drainages and invasion of many diseases to the environment.

Dumping of refuses into drainages, is all time causing flood to environment; which also can leads to breakings down of many houses.

Whenever rain falls, there Will be no free movement for the water, to move as the trashes would have filled up the passing ways of Waters. And this will brings up floods that has turned many landlords to tenants.

It is not good to be dumping trashes into gutters or drainages. At least burning of refuses/ trashes is allowed, or calling of waste management to pick up the trashes; is available anywhere in the country, with just token of payment just to secure our lives.

Avoid dumping trashes to drainages, and waters moveable ways. In order to make cleans of the environments, and be able to live in healthy and wealthy environment.

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