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The end of Almajiri and the invasion of the south

The states the north agreed to end Almajiri.

So they are sending the boys back to their home states.

But something else is happening.

Trucks filled with people are seeping out of the north into other states.

Why are people moving out in droves like refugees.

I hope the almajiris being sent back and received, rehabilitated and re-integrated by their home states

Otherwise they will move elsewhere.  

Everyday a truck is stopped somewhere and one hundred men going to no where are found. 

What is going on?

It's one country and people are free to relocate.

But when 100 people are squeezed into a truck like livestock and moved to a location they have no family or job ties then there is a problem.

Governors have to hold regional meetings. And find out why this internal mass migration is happening.

If we let this continue we could finish panting trees and have to plant human beings in some parts of the north.

I wonder what Lagos would become when it eventually enforces the ban on Okadas.

Please help me wonder a bit

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