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See 20 Pictures Of How Flood Destroys China Communities And 3 Things We Learnt From The Disaster

China is the most populous country in the world where they have about 1 billion people living in the country.

The China communities have been hit with widespread of flood in the country which has make life worthless for people living in the region.

It was reported that over $4.6B property has been damage by the heavy rain and flood in the country. Chinese government have take a step of helping the masses that was affected by the flood in the region.

It was also noted that the southern part of the Chinese country has been the most affected part in the country where they have recorded close to 121 death and several missing bodies.

China have recorded the worst ever rainy season session in the country higher than the one recorded in 1998.

The main causes of this effect of flood is due to the rapid increase of vapour from the Indian and Pacific Ocean, which has caused a serious problem for there country.

3 things we learnt from the flood in China

1. As a Nigerian, we need to thank God for making this great nation Nigeria a great place for us. And we are not affected by Natural disaster.

2. Be weary of any country that is close to ocean, this may backfire when you go there for holiday or stay.

3. Chinese government have responded well to their citizens by providing enough money for them to acquire new property.

See more pictures below........

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