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Lekki River? - You Will Never Want To Visit Lekki During Rainy Season After Seeing These Pictures

Lekki Is a beautiful city which is located in Lagos State, Nigeria. There is nothing special about Lekki, the reason why Lekki seems to be more beautified than any other cities in Lagos is simply because rich people acquire lands and live there. Also, lot's of celebrities lives there as well. Lekki and it's environment is always good during dry season, but whenever it is rainy season nobody would ever want visit Lekki again because of the irritating environment caused by flood.

In this article, I will be sharing pictures of some area in the city of Lekki that is highly affected by flood during rainy season. After seeing these pictures you will never want to visit Lekki again during rainy season.

Below are Pictures of what Lekki looks like during rainy season

I think that there is absolutely nothing anyone can do to salvage this issue of flooding in Lekki, The truth about this is that you can't cheat nature. According to history of Lekki (before Lekki was created) we found out that the whole of the Lekki were covered with water. Within some years, the whole water were level with sand which made visitors to start trooping in to acquire lands and build houses.


In my own opinion, the only thing that will solve this issue of flooding in Lekki is for everyone who lives there to start relocating so that water can take it's place again.

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