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Reasons Southwestern states may continue to experience flooding.

Water is the most abundant and essential resources human and life could boast of, but as essential and abundant as it is, it could pose a big threat to life and properties of human.

The common problem people at the southwestern region always face during the raining seasons is the issue of flood. Most time these flooding could be as a natural disaster or as a human influenced disaster, but the bottom line remains that it affect and alter the way of life of the victims of flooding.

Basically the reasons for flooding could be associated to the following;

Persistent Rainfall :

At least the average rainfall in the these regions are about 6-8 months in a year, this alone will make available water too excess for the soil to absorb.

Heavy Rainfall :

It is obvious that starting from late May in many cities of these region's such as Lagos,Oshogbo,Ibadan,Port Hacourt, Akure,Ogbomoso to mention few, experience heavy rainfall with not few than 2-3 hours of downpour at least once or twice a week.

Deforestation :

During the elementary stages of life in geography we were taught deforestation causes erosions, and Gully type of erosions is usually caused by flooding. Lack of resistance from the forest leads to the water flowing around.

Urbanization / development rate :

The infrastructural development of the major cities of these region causes low permeability surface for rain water to be absorb back in to the ground or soil directly.

Nature Of soil :

Aside from the high rate of rainfall per year another frustrating factor is nature of soil which are mostly loss and less compacted, with low ability to hold too much water.

Land Topography :

The landscape of the most affected community if properly examined are either sloppy or slant, definitely water will find it way into the slant and sloppy areas.

Poor Drainage system :

As developed as most of the states found within this regions are, it is either there are no proper drainage facilities or the available ones are not capable enough to hold the amount of downpour.

Negligence :

As civilized as these communities may look you will still find most of their resident dumping refuse in the drainage when it is raining which will definitely end up causing clusters in the drainage.

Waste Management system:

The waste management system of some state in these region are unspeakable and not as effective as expected, many areas or communities of these states are littered with waste that are not properly attended to, which may eventually end up in the drainage and block them.


Proper waste management:

Waste management should be consider essential by every members of these communities to enable free flow of water.


Replanting of cut down trees should be considered priority in other to reduce erosion and eventually increasing soil ability to absorb water.

Dam :

Since it is obvious the ratio of rainfall per year, Dam should be constructed to camp or conserve these excess water for future use or irrigation farming which will certainly improve food production its availabilities in the society.

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