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The Ship That Appeared After 90 Years Of Being Lost In The Ocean (Myth)

The Bermuda Triangle is one of the most mysterious places on the planet were ships, airplanes and sadly people along with them disappear from time to time.

The case we will see today may seem like one more disappearance in the pile but this not what makes it is surprising but something much strangers.

On November 29th, 1925 the SS Cotopaxi sailed from the port of Charleston South Carolina, on the ship, there were 32 people including the captain who were carrying a cargo of coal.

Their mission was to arrive in Havana on December 1st but as you would expect the SS Cotopaxi didn't reach its destination.

On December 1st at Havana, a radio transmission was received from the ship in this one the crew asked for help since a ferocious storm emerging from nowhere lashed them.

Due to the time waiting for a rescue in the open sea was almost impossible all the sailors could do was fight to keep the ship afloat and to preserve their own lives.

The last thing they knew in Havana about the SS Cotopaxi was that the water has flooded the lower level and the cargo ships were sinking into the Ocean. Neither the remains of the ship nor the bodies of the crew were ever found.

The Bermuda Triangle had claimed more lives, in the end, the case was shelved and forgotten until 2015.

On the morning of 1sr January of that year at a military base near Havana, radars detected a ship sailing on a restricted part of the ocean not far from the coast.

When they tried to contact each other by radio transmission they got no response at all.

After the Spectral Silence Cuban authorities decided to take more drastic measures and send three coast guard boats to investigate the interior of the ship.

It was then they understood why no one gave any response to the radio calls.

The ship itself was in ruins but miraculously kept afloat, rust had corroded much if the hulls and masts also the section that was once made of wood no longer existed.

But the most horrifying thing is that there was no trace of the crew, not even corpses nor skeletons. Later Cuban authorities managed to identify the ship as the lost SS Cotopaxi, the cargo ship that disappeared 90-years-old.

Let's remember that the last thing that was known about the SS Cotopaxi was that it was sinking in the Caribbean and was never seen again.

How is it possible that a ship, if it sank, would have resurfaced from the water and continued sailing aimlessly across the seas.

There have been theories that say that when the sailors saw the ship sinking the crew threw themselves into the sea in lifeboats but the storm had no mercy and sank them anyway.

The SS Cotopaxi would have remained afloat wandering the Caribbean seas without anyone seeing it until 90 years later. However, this hypothesis is very difficult to believe because of one detail.

We know that 75% of the earth areas are made up of oceans but at least the surface of the sea has been almost completely explored, in 90 years it is almost impossible for no one to have seen the SS Cotopaxi and alerted the authorities.

A ship of that size is hard to ignore. In the end, the case regarding the ship remains a mystery to all.

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