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Take a look at the top 10 most secured secrets in the world.

Have you ever wondered why some of the most secure places on earth are also some of the most mysterious places on earth?

   Whether it’s keeping the world of aliens in State 51, defending the White House Chief of Staff or creating a scene of peace in the event of a global catastrophe in Svalbard’s global safety, there are plenty of places to think like other worlds

   10. Cheyenne Mountain Complex, Colorado, United States

  The complex has hosted several government agencies over the years and has previously been a subsidiary of the American Aerospace Defense Agency. 

The factory is built under 2000 feet of solid granite.

9. Bold Lane Car Park, Derby, United Kingdom

   The car park was built in the 1970s and was famous for its crime and drug abuse in the 1990s. 

We need to call code inputs to get in and out, vehicles are monitored by motion sensors, and barriers to entry when security is compromised.

   8. Granite Mountain Records Vault

   The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has an extensive record and historical record. It is home to hundreds of feet on the granite mountain of Utah. 

Climate change to store books and preserve the micro chips inside.

7. River Tumen

   It acts as a gateway between China, North Korea and Russia. 

The reason for the increased security along the river tower is that many Koreans were caught while trying to enter China through the shallow waters of the river.

6. Svalbard global seeds vault, Norway

   Have you ever wondered whether a famine or dangerous situation should lead to a global famine or a catastrophic disaster? If so, thank your lucky stars in this arc. 

The goal is to save some seed samples for food growth if necessary.

5. Federal Reserve Bank of New York

   There are 12 Federal Reserve banks in the United States, all of which have the highest security levels. 

They use robotics in the defense of the New York Reserve, while major external security measures in hand-to-hand combat and sharp shooting.

4. The Vatican secret achives, Italy

   The archive materials provide many forms, documents and registers of the Catholic Church. 

These archives are separated from the Vatican Library and owned from the Pope to the Pope.

3. White House, United States

   Residential Homes is still one of the safest homes in the world. 

A metallic fence is included with a property that includes bulletproof windows and secret service agents reserved to protect the First family at all costs.

2. Fort Knox, United States

   Homes are located in the U.S. conservation area and is one of the safest areas on Earth. 

Fort Knox is always protected by guards who you can't bypass unless you have been invited.

1. 51 counties, Nevada, United States

   This down-to-earth Edward Nevada Air Force Base has significant advantages in the air dpace and has a mystery air that appeals to people around the world. 

With sensors being moved to move around the area, armed security guards regularly patrol the grounds and protect them from visitors.

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