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The sad news about the mighty Titanic ship that sank deep inside the Atlantic ocean.

Many terrible things have happened in the past ever since the creation of mankind starting from the the banishment of Adam and Eve in the garden in of Eden.

Mankind have been visited with plague, earthquake, tornado,sunnami,volcano and so on.

These maybe caused by mankind due to the way they challenge and disobey God as if they own there life's.

The covid-19 is as a result of what mankind have done and still doing to disrupt nature.

I believe all this happening is God doing in the sense that he uses it to chestise and warn mankind.

On the 12th April 1912,the mighty Titanic ship capsized and sank at the depth of the Atlantic ocean.

The Titanic ship was built in Ireland by late Harland and Wolff,it took them to years to build the mighty ship that is regarded as the biggest moving object ever built by mankind.

The ship which was conveying 2,272 souls took- off from southampton,England and was heading to New York City in America through the Atlantic ocean.

It was said that the builders of the ship made a statement that the ship is unsinkable and not even God could sink it.

The Titanic movie is a combination of non- fiction and fiction because there were no Rose and Jack love story in the ship.

The ship sailed peacefully through the coast of Atlantic till it met it tragic end when she hit the iceberg on April 12 1912 and was said to be around 2:30am early in the morning as there almost approaching new York City.

There said to be about 34 life boat in the ship and only 709 souls survived as 1500+ souls perished in the ocean due to the cold temperature of the ocean which was said to be 78 degrees centigrade.

There where said that 50 children from the first class cabin perished and youngest survival wiliburn Dean died of pneumonia in his house at the age of 82.

After the incident it was reported that one of the builders died of heart attack.

It is believed that the remains of the mighty ship is still under the ocean 12,000 meters deep and no man can survive that deep into the ocean.

This I believe was done by God to show mankind his supremacy.

Do you think God did this to show he his the Almighty or did it happen as an accident?

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