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Why Atlantic and Pacific oceans’ water do not mix

The reason for this strange phenomenon is due to the difference of water density, temperature and salinity of the glacial melt water and off shore waters of gulf of Alaska, making it difficult to mix.

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The Pacific waters are dark blue because of the much deeper inshore/coastal Pacific Ocean waters - than shallow inshore eastcoast Atlantic waters. So the water color green or dark blue - is about water depth and also the quantity of very small marine life in the water.

Some scientists say that the melting water from the glaciers is sweet, while the sea water is saline and wherever these two oceans meet, there is a wall of foam on it and due to different density, they can not mix together.

The surface of the Pacific Ocean stands about 40 cm higher than the Atlantic Ocean with respect to the 1000-decibar surface, and the North Atlantic and North Pacific stand respectively about 14 and 17 cm higher than the South Atlantic and Pacific. ... This is the greatest current of all oceans.

The 7 Seas most polluted in the world

  • Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone. - largest in the world area of waters full of fish-suffocating fertilizer fun off from intensive farming and chemical waste.
  • North Atlantic Garbage Patch. ...
  • Great Pacific Garbage Patch. ...
  • Indian Ocean. ...
  • Mediterranean Sea. ...
  • Baltic Sea. ...
  • Caribbean Sea.

The Atlantic Ocean ranks the second in the catalogue of the most dangerous oceanwaters in the world. This ocean water is usually affected by coastal winds, temperature of the water surface and the water currents. ... Sometimes the Atlantic is dangerous, sometimes the Pacific more so.

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