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Flood Wrecks Yobe State As People Flee For Dear Life.

Many parts of the city are now inaccessible by the impact of the flood that has left numerous people desolate. 

Occupants of Gashaau town in Yobe state are left in a dismal state after successive heavy rainfall leaves the location in ruins. Most residents are forced to abandon their abode and seek shelter after losing valuable properties to the Streak flood that hit the Northern Town.

The deplorable road network and drainage channels in the town added to the problem as rainwater cannot flow properly. Thus, it remains in the same location, harboring dirt and diseases. Houses are not left out as some poorly built homes collapsed as an effect of overexposure to the water body. Gashau is not the only town to be a victim of the downpour. Other cities in Tobe, like Nguru, are also helplessly flooded.  

An Inhabitant named Mohammed Isah, amongst others, lamented that the overwhelming successive rain leftover a devastating headache on the community on how to contain the development. The residents get more scared when it rains at night because it might be another torrential downpour capable of sweeping away people just in the past. 

The complainant said that it has been the community faith for way too long, and they suffer as a result of the pandemic that occurs yearly during the periods. However, he raised an eyebrow on the wealthy children of the community that chose not help in these time of need. 

The state and federal legislators' snub of the community will keep this region in a red zone and further endanger life's and the few properties left in the cities. 

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