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Photos: See the devastating effects of erosion and flood on Nsukka community, home to Nigeria's UNN

Nsukka community has been known to have flood and erosion issues every rainy season and this year is not an exception

In a post on Facebook by user and one time Local Government aspirant, Ekene Ugwuanyi, Nsukka community is in real big trouble.

Ugwuanyi shares 3 posts of several places in Nsukka that have been abandoned and left unattended to.

His first post reads:

"Whenever it rains, all the flowing waters right from Nsukka town find their way down here. And do you know what? There's no drainage system to continue leading this water away from Ẹrọ-Ụlọ. Everything is channeled to this village and then left like that. This is very insensitive of the government.

I am not from this place but truth be told, this people are suffering! Just take a look at these houses. The people have packed out of their houses and are living as refuges somewhere. Can't you see as flood has soaked everywhere there? That's how it has ravaged many homes. In fact, the Villagers are on the run.

Don't even come and tell me it's an old picture because I, Ekene Ugwuanyi, personally took this picture yesterday.

This is what I saw at Ẹrọ-Ụlọ yesterday. Hope you know that the Amobi Street that cuts through Ẹrọ-Ụlọ to MCC Road is currently being constructed?

Well, all of the waters following through the huge gutters dug by the two sides of the roads simply emptied themselves in this community in Ẹrọ-Ụlọ.

What the community needs is a special intervention basically for drainage system. It is not too big for Enugu State Government to do it for them.

His second post reads:


This is the road that connects Ashua Owerre Ọbụkpa market to Eluegu Ọbụkpa market. This particular spot is at Ụmụẹkọ; immediately after you leave Obigeti and enter Ụmụẹkọ village. This is just a snapshot of one among many of such similar disgusting sights.

How can our local markets be encouraged to boom with this kind of road?

This same sight is what you encounter when you want to come down from UNN through Odim Gate to Ashua Owerre market. How do we transform Nsukka into a city if all these markets close to the UNN campus are not developed to the modern standard? And how can it be developed without good roads to attract investors?

Please, the government should come to the aid of Ọbụkpa people.

Yet in his third post:

This is ERIKE ỌBỤKPA ROAD. Anybody that wishes to go to Ọkparigbo from Ọbụkpa must pass through this road which is quite about 7 minutes drive if the road is good or risk following through Ugwuawarawa and diverts to Erọ which takes hours.

Because of the bad state of the Erike Ọbụkpa Road, people have resorted to the latter as this road has been washed away by erosion.

The people from this part of Ọbụkpa has been cut off from the rest of Ọbụkpa. Just take a look at the road. We beg the government to intervene seriously!

Meanwhile, recall that the Nsukka Local Government chairman was reported dead weeks ago.

Content created and supplied by: Mrleeincredible (via Opera News )

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