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Do you use gas cylinder?, these are the 4 danger sign to look out for

People should be aware of the risks and dangers of using gas for cooking because the methane used for combustion is very flammable and dangerous.

  Working with gas is fast, quick and inexpensive but risky if the control is managed inappropriately. Accidents with a gas stove are always fatal and this is because the gas is invisible and can only be without noticeable leaks and accumulation, the room can be full of methane and it is very dangerous.

  Here are some things to keep in mind when cooking with gas;

  1. Be careful of pump cylinders

  If a cylinder containing gas has leakages, some people may try to block with cello tape but to keep safe, remove the cylinder immediately from the house to avoid gas influx throughout the kitchen and thereby starting a fire.

  2. Leave the cylinder outside

  For safety reasons, leave the cylinder outside, so that if there is a fire it can not damage people and property. If the cylinder is kept outside and explosion occur, damage will be reduced compare to it being inside

  3. Make sure the lids are closed before bed

  The shock used to check and adjust the gas is called the stoppers, so before going to bed at night make sure the stoppers are closed and in the correct position. If the lid is left on, the gas will escape and cause a fire.

  4. Do not pour water into a cooking pot

  Once the pot is burning(e.g., palm oil problem), do not pour water into the pot, instead, turn off the lid, then pour sand into the burnt box.

  As soon as you start to smell the gas in your kitchen, remove the cylinder, check if it is leaking and adjust, do not return it unless you repair it.

 May we not experience the wrath of fire. Amen

Content created and supplied by: Oyindamolamii (via Opera News )


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