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4 Machines Yet To Be Invented And seems Impossible To Invent.

On this article, I am gonna be sharing a list of some machines yet to be invented and also looks impossible to invent.

With the vast, rapid and huge advancement in technology in this our present world, many mind-blowing machines has been invented by many scientists around the world, ranging from mobile devices, automobiles, Television set, space ships, and lots more. All this were invented in a bid to help mankind. Many other scientists are still doing researches for new machines. Below are machines that are yet to be invented and I think is impossible to be invented:

1. A machine that can count each single drop of rain during and throughout a rainfall.

Although there is already the Rain Gauge also known as Udometer, Pluviometer, Ombrometer or Cup, which is a device used by meteorologists and hydrologists to gather and measure the amount of liquid precipitation over an area in a predifined time, but there still no machine or device that can count the exact number of each single rain drop during a rainfall.

2. A Machine that can the cover the vent or crater of a volcano and prevent it from erupting.

Metals like Tungsten, Platinum and Titanium are capable of withstanding the hotness of the volcano lava due to its high melting points. Still, these metals can not be used to cover the vent or crater of a volcano to stop eruption. Tungsten, with the highest tensile strength of a naturally occurring metal, is brittle and will shatter on impact.

The only way to stop a volcano from erupting is by releasing it's pressure without erupting the volcano because, a volcano erupts due to internal pressure build up, overcoming the litho static pressure of the rock composing the volcano but, the above solution is impossible.

3. A machine that can hold the ground together during an earthquake and prevent it from going any further.

Trees hold the soil particles together and prevent erosions but not a naturally occurring earthquake but, by placing trees in particular places around buildings, the impact of the quake would be less thereby protecting the building from quakes.

But still no machine to stop an earthquake.

4. A machine that can a tornado or hurricane within its boundaries.

For a tornado to form, it needs both a cold, rainy downdraft and a warm updraft. And in order to stop it from forming, heat is to be applied on the cold downdraft until it is no longer cold.

And there is still no machine that can stop or hold a tornado or hurricane at a place even for given period of time.

I hope you enjoyed that. If you noticed, all the above problems are natural disasters without scientific solutions.

Thanks for reading.

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