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All You Need to Know About Monticello Dam and it's Glory Hole

Monticello Dam with a Deep Hole Called Glory Hole.

The word “Glory Hole” according to English Dictionary is a small locker at the stern of a boat or between decks of a ship. Also it is a word used more on indecency industries or web sites.

But did you know that there is a Glory Hole designed in a dam in United States of America?

Monticello Dam stood at 304-foot (93 m) giant concrete arch dam at Vaca Mountain in Napa County, California, United States. The construction of Monticello Dam started in 1953 and was completed and opened in 1957 (took 4 years). The Monticello dam siezed to create Lake Berryessa in the Vaca Mountains.

Monticello is the 7th largest dam in California. Glory hole is a very deep hollow (Water drainage) designed inside a Monticello dam, that helps in regulation of high tide or upsurge of water from going off bay.

The water that enters the hole is called, the Glory Hole or Morning Glory spillway, and the water is released into a creek below the dam

The glory hole is somehow lower than the giant concave wall that hold serves as a blockade to the water surge. Once the lake overflow, the hole will start absorbing, thereby preventing it from getting to the top of the wall.

Glory hole is located somewhere in Monticello, California United States of America. Swimmer and scubas are warned not to swim close to the glory hole as force of gravity or magnetic force is channel to this hole.

Glory hole is such a sight to behold but very dangerous to venture near it as many that fell into it could not survive out of it.

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