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Reason why twins are abandoned and separated in Madagascar

Happy weekend greart readers, trust you are having a nice time. In today's article I will like to share with you, reasons why twins are being killing or separated in some part in Madagascar.

Many people love twins and see them as a blessing from God. This believe is not the same in some rural part of Madagascar, the people believe twins are misfortune and even cause untimely death.

However any of the community member who give birth to twins will have to dump one of them in the forest and leave them to die. Nowadays due to civilization some people adopt does kids while some are been kept at orphanage homes.

At these moment, many of these twins are now citizens of Canada, Italy, Sweden and France.

In 2008 the government of Madagascar take actions to stop this ancient taboo that exists in these rural areas. The authorities met with the rulers, elders and children and even through legislation to protect the twins in the community.

With all the warnings made my the government some family kept deaf ears to it and still continue with the believe till date.

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