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Pollution due to urbanization

Pollution is the presents of or introduction into the environment of a substance that has harmful or poisonous effects on the ozone layer and human beings as a whole. Some of this pollution is caused by urbanization.

Urbanization refers to the population shift from rural to urban areas, the decrease in the proportion of people living in rural areas, and the ways in which societies adapt to this change.

ways by which urbanization causes pollution:

1) Intensive urban growth can lead to greater poverty, with local governments unable to provide services for all people. Concentrated energy use leads to greater air pollution with a significant impact on human health.

2) smokes from automobile:

due to urbanization, there are a large number of people in a particular geographic area, with this a lot of people driver car, bikes, and other automobiles, hence release any fumes into the society leading to air pollution.

a large population can also lead to improper disposal of rubbish on the ground, disposal of sewage into water bodies leading to land and water pollution respectively.

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