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The Only way to end flooding

Flooding means there is an excess of water on land that is normally dry. Flood can also caused by heavy rainfall, lack of proper drainage in mostly the urban areas like Lagos and ogun state to mention a few due to little open soil to absorb water. Flood can be prevented if only we apply proper planning and adoptions particularly in areas prone to flooding 

 Measures to prevent flooding

1 improving drainage 

Improving water drainage helps control floods by facilitating easy flow of excess water out of surface. Especially in develop areas 

2 building canals

Canals are artificial water channels that can be crucial to flood prevention 

3 harvesting rainfall

Some people will wonder how can rainfall be harvested, it simply means collecting and storing rainwater in these case it can also curb urban water scarcity 

4 cleaning of waterlines from dirt

 Every where that there is waterlines that help the flow of rainfall should always be kept dirt free for easy flow of water.

5 stop building in floodplain

Don’t erect any structure on floodplain and also consider buying flood insurance to help with losses if and when a flood occurs.

6 construct barriers 

Barriers Help a lot inform of sandbags,levees, beam flood walls.

7 pay attention to weather forecast 

When heavy rain or storm are forecasted listen to radio or television for information on flood risk 

Also the national emergency management agency (NEMA) has urged Nigerians to take precautions with all seriousness to avoid losses alhaji mustapha maihaja director general gave the warning during a one Day sensitization on climate smart community disaster management. 

Nigeria news agency reports that NIMET had in January released. 2020 seasonal rainfall predictions (SRP) that the onset of the growing season is expected. To be near normal.  

when a flood is imminent have an emergency plan and practice survival skills like first aid and how to disinfect water be prepared and assemble an emergency kit Incase you have to evacuate. Charge cell phone batteries and any reusable batteries for flashlights.turn of utilities at the main switches or valves if instructed.disconnect electrical appliances  

During a flood

Avoid low sports like ditches, basements or underpasses, do not walk through flooded areas If you have to walk in water wherever possible, walk where the water is not moving. use a stick to check the firmness of the ground.

I hope these will be of great use to you share to inform others, also add your comments.

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