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Too Bad!! See How This International Market Looks After The Rainfall Yesterday

The month of November is typically the period of dry season. It is the period of low rainfall, but whenever it rains, we expect that it ushers in the harmattan. However, we have things differently this year.

It has been raining almost every day for the past week in Aba, the commercial hub of Abia State. Why this is so is not exactly clear but it may not be unconnected to climate change.

November, the penultimate month of the year, on the other hand, is the month when people mostly visit the market to make purchases for the Christmas season. If you visit any market within this period, you would see men and women busy buying items for their homes. Beyond groceries and household items, you would find especially women who came with their children to get clothes and shoes for them. That is one of the major things for which we know November.

Ariaria International Market is one of the busiest markets in Nigeria. It is a market where one can get almost anything one requires, including locally made products. Some even joke that whatever one cannot find in Ariaria market does not exist anywhere in the world.

Ariaria International Market, Aba is one of the largest markets in Africa, but there is especially one bad side to the most celebrated markets in South East Nigeria — the roads!

For many years, the roads inside Ariaria International Market, Aba have been in sorry state. Year after year, administration after administration, government after government, the state of roads in the market have largely remained the same.

Yesterday it rained in the city of Aba and as you would by now imagine, the roads in the market went from bad to worse.

These photos were taken today, Friday 27 November 2020 at A Line, Ariaria International Market, Aba.

Whenever it rains, traders and customers have no option than to deep their feet into the smelly, murky waters. Worse of all is the fact that some traders turn gutters and the already bad roads to refuse dumps.

It is an eyesore for a market of international repute to look this bad especially in the busy month of November.

I will not argue if anyone said sellers at Ariaria international market, Aba make less sales this period compared to previous months. Wonder how people are supposed to thrive in such condition?

Have you been to Ariaria international market, Aba recently? Kindly share your experience in the comments.

Content created and supplied by: SonOfTheUnbowed (via Opera News )

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