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Destruction of houses and properties due to intensive rainfall

It is no doubt that rain just like fire, tsunami, earthquake, etc is one deadly natural disaster that destroys life and property.

Yesterday in Makurdi metropolitan, Benue state, at about 6pm, there was an intensive rainfall that destroyed a lot of properties although no life was lost.

Precisely in Ofukari street, due to the heavy rainfall, a house was divided into half and this lead into a family fued. Blames was issued to different family and that ensued into a fight between different families.

It is of no doubt that rain cannot be contained or enclosed but controlled.

Due to the bad system of urban development/housing, and the bad drainage system in such areas is what lead to the destruction.

Also that same yesterday, a family was locked from outside by the rain which made it impossible for them to leave their house as the rain was said to have covered up to the lintel level of the house. They started shouting for help and by the grace of God, their shout was heard and they were rescued by some boys that live in the same area.

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Makurdi Ofukari


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