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See What Happened To Hitler's Home In The Alps

Hitler's home in the Alps was unfortunately destroyed.

See The Picture Before:

The picture after being destroyed:

It was scavenged at first. All the paintings were seized, and other stuff that once stood inside this building were taken.

Films, cameras, furniture, etc were seized. The site was destroyed to prevent pilgrimage from neo-Nazis or people who want to pray for Hitler.

I don’t care what anyone would say or think, but the Berghof should’ve never been destroyed or touched. It should’ve became a museum or something. People would’ve loved to visit it and see what one of the most evil men in modern history was doing there. Or just re imagine how such cruel men were once normal people here. Which could give a direct image of What happened and where he lived.

This is what remains of the building below looks like :You can still see some stuff like walls and stairs. But the building is pretty much gone.

Way to preserve the history of Britain and Germany for children of the 21st century.

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