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Here are the reasons why PHCN usually have power failures (take the light) you should know.

Most at times, I observe people rain insult and curses on the (PHCN) Power Holding Company of Nigeria (NEPA local or former name) when there is a sudden or unexpected power failure when they are trying to watch a movie or trying to make use of a home appliance.

I understand the anger because everyone is a victim of the present situation, but what we all don't understand is the reason for the sudden power failures you have been experiencing, that's why I have made extensive research on the matter and found justifications or reasons for the uncertainties.

Here are the various explanations below.

They are two categories basically.

1. Natural factor

2. Man afflicted or artificial factor.

1. Natural factors:

Are factors caused by environmental, climatic, or even some intelligent life (animals) that are not caused by anyone but due to the hectic and unpredictable form of nature.

* Weather: when there is a heavy storm, ordinary rainfall, or wind there is a power outage, but not only because the weather can destroy a facility or transformer but when there is a change in weather they intentionally take the power out to avoid two cables touching, which is very dangerous and could short circuit the whole electricity distribution system.

* Natural disasters: we don't have much of those in Nigeria but it is also a leading factor that can destroy a lot of facilities and cause physical damage.

* Animals and trees: this factor is common in rural or unsophisticated areas (villages) where animals and trees are too close to houses. Animals often spoil or eat up a transformer circuit, like squirrels, snakes, rats, or even birds. Also, tree branches and can cause interrupted power supply when it falls off or improperly cut.

2. Man inflicted or artificial factors.

These are the factors caused by the various activities carried out by people either when working or accidentally.

* vehicles or automobiles: by guessing you might have come across an incident when a car, lorry, or bus hits a pole in an accident scene, well this could cause temporary power failure but power can be restored as soon as the situation is rectified or attended to.

* Digging: this could occur when workers accidentally cut underground electricity cables when working, this could possibly harm the workers and also cause a power outage. So it important to inform proper authority before any intense digging.

* Overheating and excessive power: this is what is popularly known as 33-10 or high voltage. This is a situation whereby there is the intake of more electric distribution to a particular area which is above distribution rate and this could destroy home appliances and at the same time cause a power outage.

* Overburdened circuit: this is when electricity demand is the high and uninterrupted distribution also could cause cables and circuits to overheat and sometimes melt or blow up.

* Economic instability: this is the situation when government or authorities in charge fail to maintain the facilities due to economical situations, thereby causing a power outage.

These are the justification for the disabilities of the PHCN, so it's not mostly advisable to insult them because they really try their best to make it up to the citizens. Don't forget to follow up for more uploads @stankelly on opera news .com. I hope you learned something useful.

Based on the present situation what is your opinion on the matter? you can let it out below. Thanks!.

Content created and supplied by: Stankelly (via Opera News )

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