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Lekki residents requires immediate evacuation or they will face worse flood consequences [Opinion]

Without saying we all know that our dear Lekki of Lagos state is in a dire state, or do i say always in dire state whenever we approach the raining season, and this calls for immediate government interventions, because the lives of families living there are in constant danger. The situation isn't funny as many see it but more life threatening, I recently watched a building helplessly collapse. When I took a critical look at what must have caused the collapse I found out there has been a constant washing of the soil that held firm the building and at the same time soaking up its foundation, which must have been the reason for a weak support and terrible fall. Let me show you some pictures of the flooding in Lekki.

As you can see, Lekki's situation isn't funny and requires immediate government's attention and of course I would suggest immiediate evacuation as soon as possible and fast restructuring if possible. If people are to continue living there, with time, buildings will begin to collapse even during the dry season, because many of the soil that kept them up would have washed away, soaking it's foundation and making it weak and by then things would have being a lot more worse. I don't know what you may suggest but that is my honest opinion in order to save people we love. I don't know if we should write a petition to the government or you have better suggestions, just state it in the comment below. #Let's save Lagos, #Let's save Nigeria!

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