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Plane Crash

No more plane crash- see the new plane that is designed to save passengers

An Airplane designer from Ukraine has designed a very safe airplane. The airplane has an ability to save passengers in case of a plane crash.

The designed was proposed in the year 2016 but then nobody took it serious, but because of the plane crash that is happening these days the Ukraine designers has been pushing for their design to be adopted, at least to reduce the risk of plane crashes and reduce the death of people, If a plane crash occurs.

The plane design has a cabin that is created in case the plane has an engine problem, or is malfunctioning,the pilot will press the button and the cabin will bring out a parachute that will carry the cabin, with the passengers in it and the parachute will rest on top of water, until help will come for the passengers.

The cabin structure has also been designed so that it has floatation capabilities. This way, it will float rather than sink if the cabin falls into the sea.

The only problem with this design is that the safety of the passengers, is in the hands of the pilot, If the pilot did not press the button the passengers cannot be rescued.

And also the pilot cannot be save because he will be the one to press the button, for the cabin and he cannot enter the cabin.

A lot of people said that they are not okay with the design because, the passengers will be safe and the pilot will die, no pilot wants to die.

What is your opinion about this?

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